The Importance of Correct Inflation

Tyre pressure governs the life of the tyre. The compressed air within the tyre assembly determines the load carry ability, stability and handling. The pressure should be checked regularly when the tyres are cold.

Correct Inflation

The correct pressure ensures maximum mileage with satisfactory cushioning, stability and road holding properties. The tyre is kept at the contour at which it was designed to run.


Insufficient air pressure accelerates tread wear and throws undue stress on the tyre casing. Underinflation causes excessive flexing on the sidewall, heat buit-up and irregular tread wear. It also increases the risk of accidental damage, tread separation and tube failure, adversely affecting handling and increasing power absorption.


Excessive air pressure causes rapid wear in the centre of the tread. There is also a greater danger of casing fracture and tread cutting damage.