A summary of the different factors that can cause abnormal wear is given below.

Underinflation / Over-loading

These conditions, singly or in combination, cause undue tread distortion resulting in irregular wear. more seriously they may result in the sudden failure of the casing due to excessive tyre flexing.


High speed means rapid tread wear, not only because of the speed itself but because of the harder acceleration and extra braking entailed.

Oil and grease

Tread rubber rapidly absorbs oil and grease and its resistance to wear deteriorates as a result.

Braking and acceleration

Excessive acceleration and hard braking subject the tyre to severe strains and rapid tread wear.

Road surfaces

Rough road surface causes cut treads and lower mileage.

Mechanical irregularities

Some of the mechanical defects which cause severe tread wear are distorted wheels, incorrect brake adjustment, worn dampers, tolerances on steering head, swinging arm bearings, wheel alignment etc.

Unbalanced wheels

Any unbalanced rotating weight such as heavy spots on the rims, security bolts etc, can cause irregular tread wear.