TREAD GROOVES - These are drainlike structures formed on the tread crown region of the tyres.
FUNCTIONS - To evacuate water between the tread contact area and road surface.
- To minimise the heat built-up effect on the tread crown region of the tyre.

RIMLINE - This is a raised circumferential on the sidewall just above the bead flange level on the tyre.
FUNCTIONS - To determine the correct seating position of the tyre on the rim.

INNER LINER - This is a butyl rubber lining that covers the whole of the inner periphery of the tyre in tubeless tyres.
FUNCTIONS - It acts as an inner tube to retain inner air pressure in tubeless tyres.


RIM - The outer ring of the wheel.
BEAD FLANGE - The raised of the rim.
BEAD SEAT - The platform on the rim where the beads of the tyre are seated

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